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Tor Smith

Artist - Designer - Explorer

Tor did not follow the traditional path to becoming an artist, and never studied in art school. Her passion and skill was apparent throughout her early education, yet she chose to follow her academic desires to study at university and dedicated the majority of her spare time to competing horses. After graduating with a First Class honours degree in Geography, Tor found herself keen to explore much further afield and took five months away to travel the likes of New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and South East Asia. Tor found herself photographing these new cultures and the breathtaking scenery and built up a portfolio of memories to last a lifetime. Her travels did not stop here though as a winter ski season in Morzine came about only a few months later. In awe of the beauty of the Alps, Tor continued to build on her portfolio.

Yet, it was when this ski season was cut short due to the global pandemic that Tor rediscovered her artistic talents. Lockdown was hard, but keen to take something good from the bad, she spent a significant amount of time drawing and painting to pass the time. Her enthusiasm grew as her skills and abilities developed. So far Tor has focused mostly on graphite pencil portraits of both animals and humans. Growing up surrounded by equestrian culture, horses have become a common subject in many of Tor's portraits. As a very particular individual her drawings are of huge detail and precision, trying to capture each individual character and emotion. She has also taken inspiration from her travelling portfolio to paint landscapes of many of the wonderful places she has visited. Tor continues to develop her talent with the new found inspiration in Kenya which recently became her second home. The magical landscape which Kenya has to offer has taken her by surprise along with the wildlife that comes with it! Be prepared for Africa to take over Tor's next portfolio!

With the desire to discover and explore new places all around the world, Tor continues to 'define' the world we live in. 

For further details on commissions or to enquire about a piece, please get in touch.

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